It’s the absolute season trend: high-waist pants are everywhere. There is no pants, from classic to trendy, that has not abandoned the old road of discovering hips  at all costs. Now the 2019 speaks plainly: The trousers must have high life. If any of you have doubts about what model to choose, know that you do not save one. There’s plenty of choice. From the British tartan trousers to the leather one from rock or biker and vinyl and jeans is also no less.  But it is not finish here…. The evening is still a matter of height: the high waist is on tuxedo pants, satin, velvet black smooth and Mikado. All in  all the most elegant models. Also for the dance we want our customers to be abreast of fashion, we have made for you the trousers ZARIA, ideal for training made in a particular  technical fabric to give you the best comfort in the movements.